The Miracle of Sharing

2-Fish-and-5-Barley-LoavesWhat makes the miracle of the multiplication of five loaves and two fishes considered as the greatest miracle of Jesus in the Bible?  It is not only in the miracle itself that makes this story great, but it is with the value of sharing.  Jesus showed a miracle to the people by multiplying the five loaves and two fishes to more than five thousand people not because of showing-off that He is an almighty, but because of compassion.  Jesus was moved with pity for them, so he shared not the surplus, but the best and also for their needs.  Knowing the needs of the people, Jesus performed a miracle for them which is one of the best and from that, He was able to satisfy them.  With this great miracle of Jesus, showing that sharing can move a lonely and hungry heart into satisfaction.  There will always be miracle when there will be sharing of our whole self.  There will be no more hunger and thirst of heart if all of us know how to share wholeheartedly.

I thought of this while I am reflecting upon the gospel for this coming Sunday; it’s nice to see and to feel that our world is a better place to live when people in different races, culture, society, tradition, and beliefs are sharing with one another.  It’s also nice to see our world at peace and joy when people know how to share with a smile in their hearts.  If the value of sharing is spread throughout the world, for sure there will be no more war, conflicts, oppression, abuses, exploitation, and also the longing of the people are now given.  I am hoping and dreaming that these may happen and I believe that only through sharing that these will be able to be realized.  This is what the gospel is showing to me today, which only through sharing will make the world a better place for you and for me, unless it is deeply rooted with compassion.

Are you ready to be a miracle for others by means of sharing your whole self for them?  This is the challenge of today’s gospel to me.  Oftentimes, I am afraid to share my whole self, because I have this doubt that sooner or later people may misunderstand me.  So, I just share to them the half of myself which is actually wrong.  Why do I need to be afraid my whole self if it is for the betterment of those who hunger and thirst for care, concern, and love?  As I continuously reflect upon the gospel for today, it seems that God is reminding me not to be hesitant in sharing my whole self to others with cheerfulness.  Indeed, He is also saying that He loves a cheerful giver, so why do I need to be hesitant if it is something noble and great.

shareDo you want to see miracle today?  The gospel of today is inviting us to learn one of the best tricks for an effective miracle, i.e. sharing.  Share something today even if it’s just simple and ordinary.  Don’t worry, God does not judge the appearance of what you’ve shared, but he base with the attitude and the heart which expose the way you share yourself to others.

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