A Lesson on Consistency

consistencyConsistency is one of my greatest stumbling blocks as an aspiring writer.  I have dreamt of becoming a motivational writer and speaker someday, but it seems that I am reaching for a star that so impossible to withhold, because of being inconsistent.  As an aspiring writer, inconsistencies do not only make me clumsy and tardy in writing and reading, but it also makes me prone to the disease called “scarcity of words.”  So, the inspiration and motivation inside of me to write and read as much as I can is sometimes being triggered by the stumbling block called inconsistencies.  When this happened to me, writing and reading seems to be losing its taste and ardor for me, and it’s very hard for me to go on because I always start from the beginning.

consistency (1)When I was typing in my blog and searching for a quotation about a certain topic, I found an encouraging quotation that speaks about consistency and also related to my situation.  The quotation says; “Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly overtime.”  In my great surprise, this quotation comes from one of my favorite motivational speakers and writers, i.e. John C. Maxwell.  From his quotes I realized that I need to push myself all the more in order that I may adopt discipline to pursue with my dreams.  Really, it takes a lot of practice and pain in order that my aspirations may come true.  It is the only way, and I believe that if I will take it seriously with consistency, dreaming an impossible dream and reaching it with consistency is possible.

d21f1e59e9208e2e77b62cd3c17fd2f3In this world that we live in, great motivational speakers and writers start from a consistent and humble beginning.  Yes, I believe in this proposition because all of them experienced pain before they become one of the great.  Me, too, is convinced that I will not be able to reach this dream that I am aspiring for if I will not take the risk of experiencing pain and being consistent in this aspiration which is so tasking and difficult, yet great and contributive.      


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