One Sunday Morning

198716One Sunday morning, I woke up and went outside of the room that I use for resting.  As I rubbed my eyes, I was fascinated by the sunrise hovering in the pale blue sky.  As my eyes were delighted by the beauty of the morning sky, I said to myself, “it is really the Lord that gives Hope.”

The Lord does not fail us every day, He always surprise us.  He makes our eyes always fixed with His graces that bring delight and hope in our lives even with our ordinary experiences.  When difficulties and struggles arises in our journey, He always grant us an assurance of concern and guidance that will help us to be encouraged and motivated to face all life’s challenges with courage.  When we put our trust and hope in Him, there will be no worries along the way if only you believe.

Life is so beautiful, though difficult, but if we start to prioritize God before our other priorities in life.  It will be so refreshing when you wake up in the morning finding out that God has a surprise for you.  It’s good to ponder that if we allow God to work in our ordinary experiences, then our daily journeys will be full of hope though we cannot deny the fact that there will be conflicts, trials, and challenges along the way.

P.S. This thought just popped-up in my mind; it’s good to savor the beauty of the morning while sipping a cup of coffee and imagining that God is together with you sipping a cup of coffee too.  What do you think?   

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