chaosWhy is there so much hatred in our world today?  Why is it that there are lots of conflicting dilemmas governs in each and very ideologies of people, countries, and beliefs?  Why it is that hate is so visible and inevitable fad of today’s generation?  Every time I flip-up the pages of the newspaper it always talks about violence, war, abuse, exploitation, anger, and even graft and corruption.  It always makes my day stressful whenever I encounter these things.  Is there anything that is still “good” in this world?  Why does “good” which every people and nation is longing for seems to be losing its taste, ardor, and significance?  Where can we find “good” nowadays?

People are killing themselves in the name of tradition and strict ideology.  Some are dying innocently because of a hundred years of conflict and disagreement.  Other exploits and abuses the dignity of the human person for the sake of profit and economic stability.  Where is “good” now?  Do we have still the sensitivity to love our neighbors and to have a concern to them despite the differences with race, religion, tradition, background, and character?  As the world advances, hatred becomes a great occurrence.  As the world engages in the different influxes of modern principle, life becomes complicated.  Justice, love, and peace, which are the pillars of authenticity and life’s harmony, are now irrelevant and also disregarded.  What the world want nowadays are not these things, but stability and power.

As what we can see in our world today, it seems Thomas Hobbes’ Homo Homini Lupus is now a methodology.  In my opinion, I consider my life here in this world as being-in-the-world-in-the-midst-of-wolves.  Where can we find “good” nowadays?  Where’s the “love” now?  Though the world now is engaging itself from the different man-made catastrophes of this generation, its subordinates, the people now are still longing for something which is “good” and “lovable”.  Hope is their hymn of lament as the wolves of today are battling for a chaotic pedestal.  I, together with the people of this generation are still believing that evil will end and the good will triumph.  It’s undeniable that there will always be evil in the world, but there were promises that came from the eternal that “good” and “love” will always be the victor of this so called endless battle.

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