Why is it so hard to love truly?

true-love-isnt-found-its-built-love-quoteWhy is it so hard to love truly?  Why true love is demanding?  These are the questions that keep on bothering me every time I reflect upon the significance of love into my life.  If love is the topic, it seems every person here in this world has their own definition of love based on their experiences, but, for me, I don’t like to talk about it.  It’s not that I hate love or I am indifferent about it.  I just don’t like to talk about it, because I am nothing in front of it.  Love is so immense, yet demanding; it is sweet yet it hurts; and it is wonderful yet sets standards.

It is in loving that I can see myself as nothing.  It is indescribable, because human words are not enough to fathom and truly explain its significance in life.  It takes a lot of honesty and sincerity in order to be well-founded with it.  True love begins when the feeling is gone, and it does not end in romance, but it ends in God.  So, I am not worthy of it, because it’s too high for me to reach.

Although true love is demanding, it knows humility.  Hence it doesn’t matter that I am unworthy of true love because of its significance; it has a welcoming attitude, it does not flatter, and it is patiently waiting for us to grow well-founded in its essence.  Fort how many times That I say to myself that I am nothing for this so called immense grace, yet it gives me an assurance that I shouldn’t be afraid in allowing myself to be deeply rooted with this true love.

As I am journeying in this pilgrimage called searching for true, I am not yet finding the right answer for true love, but the only concrete insight that I gain as I search and struggle for the real meaning of true love is when you will allow yourself to search for it.  When you struggle and search, you will be finding yourself unworthy on the first place.  It is also not nothingness or unworthiness that you will find the real meaning of it.  In true love, faith matters and it takes a lot of it in order that you may be able to know the real meaning of true love.  In the first place, it’s really demanding, but in its demand there’s wisdom behind it.

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