The Promptings of God’s call

emvideo-youtube-2MOFvIUzXu0_0Indeed, God called us for a greater purpose in life.  What makes God’s call ironic is the way He calls and chooses each and every one of us.  At the very first instance of the History of Salvation, He did not choose the powerful, the famous, the most influential, the prestigious, the most intelligent, and the richest person in the world.  But, He had chosen and preferred to call the weak, the meek, the humble, and the simple-hearted.  Why God does not call the best among the rest, instead He preferred to call the least among the best?  This shows that, the most important aspect for God is a heart that has the capacity to accept His call without any hesitation, rather than a heart that is full of his or herself.  Only the simple-hearted, the meek and the humble can gaze upon the promptings of God’s call coming from his/her inner self.

For the world’s logic, the least one are insignificant for a greater purpose in life, but in God’s logic they have the significant role for building up His kingdom, because He trusts them fully.  They can easily know the plan of God for their lives, but the most important thing is that they are open for God’s will no matter how difficult it is.  God’s grace is their joy, because it is always overflowing as they strive to follow God’s call more closely.  They are always ready to be taught by God and to be used by Him as earthen vessels of His grace for others.  Hence, though they are insignificant in the eyes of the world, but for the eyes of God, they are significant for the salvation of the world.

When God calls you for a greater purpose in life, try to open your heart.  Learn from the examples of the least, the single-hearted, the meek, and the humble on how they accept and allow God’s call to penetrate their lives.  Do not be afraid and do not let your heart be hesitant in opening for the promptings of God’s call.

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