On Seeking God

9699625magnifyingforwebWe are naturally born as seekers.  We always seek for a reason that will make us feel happy and contented.  We search for the right answers to all the questions that bother us about living and loving.  As for that, it is undeniable that we are surrounded by a lot of possibilities and insights, as we continue to seek for true wisdom.

But, the challenged nowadays is this; “are we satisfied for all the answers, insights, and possibilities that we found as we continue to search for the right reason to live?  Are we able to find the right reason for our existence?  Are we happy as we realize that we found them?”  We cannot deny the fact that we are born seekers, and we cannot also deny the fact that we are also restless beings that are continuously seeking and searching for right answers and reasons that will make us forever happy and satisfied.

But, as we seek for the ultimate answers and reasons in our lives, I would like to ask you; “have you ever tried to seek God?  If you tried to seek Him into your life, have you experienced Him working in your life?”  It’s undeniable that part of our living is to seek for the right meaning of life, because we have the capacity to search for it.  But, we forget one thing as we seek for the ultimate reasons and answers, i.e. our capacity to seek God.  Why don’t you start searching for God today and for sure you will not feel restless anymore.  There’s no need for you to seek God from the outside of yourself.  Just dig deeper for God is inside you heart, because He dwells in your heart.  Don’t be discourage if you feel lost when you seek God within your heart.  Just continue searching and for sure you will find Him smiling and waiting for your coming.

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