“Wrong Time”

ImageIs there such a word in life called “wrong time”?  What makes it wrong?  How is it?  Everyday, God is always giving us opportunities and possibilities to improve ourselves and to stand-up on every difficulties and trials in life.  He never stops in giving the right moments for us to be aware of the beauty of life.  However, when life seems so tough and depressing, I always encounter this tern “wrong time” as a vocabulary for a hopeless situation.  Even to myself I cannot deny the fact that the term “wrong time” is my favorite lyric whenever I feel so hopeless.  There are times that I use this term as my way to excuse myself in troubles and hardships.

Is there such a word in life called “wrong time”?  Is this a God-freely-given-terminology that needs to co-exist with our day-to-day living and needs to be always at our side whenever we feel desperate in our lives?

For me, there’s no such a word called “wrong time” in life.  Every day is a “right time” for us to improve, to grow, to love, to mature, to accept, and to forgive.  Why are we still longing for the right time if every day is a right and acceptable time for us to move on?  Saying “we cannot move on because it’s not yet the right time” is a baloney.  You’re just wasting the opportunities if you’re always saying to yourself “the time is not yet right” or “wrong time”.  Saying this terminology is a mere stumbling block that hinders us to progress and to gain success in life.

As we journey through the different facets of life, we cannot deny the fact that possibilities and opportunities are freely given every day.  Why do we fail to recognize this thing?  It’s because we are afraid to take the risk and to be optimistic despite the fact that life sometimes is unfair, rude, and demanding.  Now, it’s the right time for us to consider risk and optimism in life.  Just like a simple iron rod, we need to be tested if we are durable or not, to be bended, to be welded, and to be heated by fire in order for us to be formed as a new person; fully grown, mature, optimistic, forgiving, sympathetic, and loving.

Have A Blessed Christmas Everyone!


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