When Love Demands (A Dialogue Between Me and Love)

ImageHey, LOVE! I would like to ask you something; why are you so demanding to me?  What proof do I still need to comply in order that I may be able to befriend you?  Do you know that I sacrificed a lot of years, opportunities, dreams, ambitions, plans, and time because of you?  When my heart first felt you, I was stunned and mesmerized.  It seems that even when you are here at my side, I feel complete.  You show me the beauty of life and the uniqueness of my soul.  Now, what happened?  You easily faded on my being like a wind beneath the skies.  It seems everything is so blurred and meaningless without you.  When will you come back again in my heart?

When you’re still within my heart I am always stuck like glue by your sweet melodies.  But now you’re gone, it seems your aroma is deadly to my sanity.  Hey LOVE! What’s wrong with me that you keep yourself away from me?  You walked away without any notice and reason at all.  You abandoned me, lonely and troubled.  I need you!  I need you!  Oh when will I feel your warm embrace which gives reason and value for my being?  Oh when will I see the light amidst the darkness hovering my sight and my heart that longs for love?

It’s a great tragedy for me that you’re not here by my side.  You left me out of nothing.  You turned away your face from me without noticing that my eyes are shedding in tears and in sorrow.  I feel lost without you; oh please come back to me and be patient of me.  I admit that I am not so worthy and so perfect for you to be your shelter and crying shoulder.  But, please come back to me because I need you.  It’s the saddest part of my life that you’re not here by my side; oh, please come back to me.  I feel so naïve without you.  I cannot know and understand who am I and why I am here if you’re not in my heart. 

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