Is there something so great and so impressive in me that I could boast in Christ?  Comparing myself and my achievements to what Christ has done for mankind, I am just a pinch of sand.  But, what is so impressive about Him is that despite the greatness of His works he humbled Himself.  Reflecting upon His works and deeds, I admit that I can’t understand what Christ wants to tell me about humility because there are some points in his works and deeds that somehow disagrees in my perspective.  But allowing it to speak on my own perspective, I realize that Humility doesn’t depend upon my perspective.  Humility is the perspective of Christ.

Reflecting upon His works and deeds, Christ is inviting me and challenging me to abide on His perspective. I admit it is hard to be humble like Christ because I cannot deny that I have the tendency of boasting my achievements, success, fame and goodness in life.  However, despite the difficulties of abiding my perspective in Christ’s perspective, Christ assures that if I will just do my very best to lay down my own perspective of humility with him, to abide in His humility, is not a burdensome.  Practicing Christ’s humility is not a one-night practice but a lifetime assignment and exercise.

After being inspired and challenged by Christ’s works and deeds, I remember what St. Paul said in his second letter to the Corinthians; “If I must boast, I will boast of the things that how my weaknesses.”  This is so far my answer to my question that I have on my mind on how I will start practicing Christ’s humility in life.  I have just thought that nothing compares to the greatness of Christ’s humility that even if He is so great, He humbled Himself.  From this I realized, we cannot humble ourselves without Christ for he is the clearest description or definition of the word “Humility.”  Without Christ, humility cannot be defined or be described itself.