The Reality of Death

All of us are afraid to die.  When we speak of death, we describe it as the most tragic and horrifying experience in life.  We are afraid to face the reality of death because we don’t want to leave this world unfulfilled with our personal missions, agendas, dreams and commitments in life.  Before we die, we see to it that everything is fulfilled in our lives.  We do our best not to face death, because we cannot deny the fact that we are not yet ready to leave behind the people who became significant and special in our lives, the honor, fame and everything that we are experiencing and enjoying here on earth, the lifestyle that we have, the plans and dreams that we are aspiring and striving to be fulfilled for our lives, ourselves and most significantly our future.

Death may seem so frightening and distressing in the perspective of some of the people, but in the perspective of God, death is something to be embraced, cherished, and not to be feared.  Although death is the end of the person’s pilgrimage here in earth, it assures us that through death, being in union with God is possible.  Death is the final stage of our lives physically, the culmination of everything that we have traveled in this physical journey God has given us, yet it is our starting point, a new beginning, a new voyage in order to see God face to face and being with him to live in His presence.  Death is a manifestation for all of us that the ultimate goal in our lives is God Himself for He is the way, the truth, and the life.  Hence, according to St. Paul, at the point of death, God assures us that we too might live in newness of life and be united with Him in the resurrection just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father if we believe.

 Yesterday’s commemoration of all the faithful departed reminds us that death is a reality yet a participation in the death of Christ so that we can also share His Resurrection if we die in His grace.  Every tomb that we see in the cemeteries speaks to us that we have only limited time here on earth and we are not the authors of our life.  All of us will experience death.  But, if we die with a desire to be with Christ it is a guarantee that to live with Him is a possibility.  We should not be afraid about the reality of death.  We should think of those people who have gone ahead on us especially our loved ones, for sure they are now enjoying their lives with God.  Every faithful departed is a reminder for each and every one of us that even they died physically their presence is still alive in our hearts and refreshed by Christ.  Let us continue to pray for them that they may fully reached and lived the newness of life in Christ.