What do we know about saints?

When people are asked to describe a saint the common answers are usually the extraordinary person who performs miracles, wear weird clothes, lived a life differently, geeks, someone living outside the fad of the world, and introvert.  Saints seem so indifferent and insignificant to their eyes because their lifestyles and perspectives are far-off to the lifestyles and perspectives of the world.  Their lives seemed good only for publication and commercialization rather than for inspiring our actuations.  Who really they are?  Are they just displays?  Why are they venerated?  Why are they recognized and canonized by the Church?  What are the things that we could learn and cherish from their lives?

Saints are ordinary and simple people who embraced the life of Christ.  They are role models for our life and our faith.  Their lives are manifestations for us in living out the love of God, and it is possible.  They are those who have attained peace and serenity in their mind and in their heart with God, which the world cannot grant.  They are those who gave up their time, talents, career, fame, honor, occupations, intelligence, and lives for the sake of loving and embracing God and the humanity.  They are the heroes of faith.  They are reminders to all of us that even in time of great distress and even in the time of rapid changes in the world, holiness are still possible and achievable, in which love rooted in Christ.

Today is a remarkable day for me because the Church is celebrating All Saints’ Day.  This day of rejoicing invites all of us to reflect on the examples of the saints who became a living exemplar of God’s love.  I always believe that all of us are qualified to become a saint someday.  Saints are just ordinary and simple people like us who cooperated in God’s will and who does an ordinary act of random kindness extraordinarily with love.  Sainthood is not a waste of time and a boring way of life.  It is an exercise of our capacity to love God and our neighbor.  Every saint is a reminder to all of us that despite the complexities, distresses, chaos, and difficulties in the world there is still heaven.



2 thoughts on “What do we know about saints?

  1. Today, we celebrate the day of the Church Triumphant to reflect on their life for us to imitate them also. It is good to take note that Nov. 1 and 2 reminds us of a tenet of our faith, the Communion of Saints. While we commemorate the Church Triumphant and Church Suffering, respectively, it calls for us here on earth, the Church Militant, to be in communion with them – to imitate the holy men and women of God and to pray for those who are still needing of our prayers as they enter the Kingdom of Heaven soon. 🙂


    1. Nice comment bro 🙂 I was inspired by it. Thanks for your comment and let us pray one another that we may be able to attain our ultimate goal in life, i.e. holiness.


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