Loving Ourselves

“We could not love others unless we could love ourselves”.  These words moved me to reflect on the essence of love in my life.  As I reflect, I realized that my whole being and my whole self are summarized in single word, which I consider precious, valuable, and significant in my life – called love.  I don’t know why my heart keeps on beating every time I hear the word.

Love is a mystery, as how I define it because my words are not enough to express it exactly.   But, what struck me most are the challenges that require from me.  Love challenges me how to love the unloved, especially to myself.

Scriptures say that, “you cannot love others if you cannot love yourself.”  For me, loving ourselves is accepting who we are.  How far am I capable of loving myself, the “whole me” and my limitations?  I admit, I am still struggling to love myself and the governing realities in my life.  I do still have some regrets and distorted understandings about some inconvenient truths in the different areas or aspects of my personality. So, in having these discomforts they sometimes hinder me from loving others.

O Lord, help me to see the light of love in my life.  I humbly ask You, O Lord, amidst discomfort in life, help me to accept who I am fully that I may learn also to accept others’ shortcomings, vulnerabilities and limitations.

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