One of the things that I hate most in life is silence.  When the atmosphere that surrounds my setting is filled with silence, it entices me to stay away.  I feel uneasy whenever silence captivates my day.  It seems my day is incomplete without the noise of the heavy metal rock and funky dance music, which I always want to listen and enjoy with. In short, all I want is to be disturbed.  Having done this is already a fulfillment on my part in order to get away with silence, yet as the time goes by; the more I indulge myself with “unnecessary and skin-deep” noises, the more I am being left behind with the essentials in life that only silence can give.

How come silence serves as a remedy for knowing and understanding the essentials in life?  What’s within it?  As I browsed with the pages of the book entitled Markings written by Dag Hammarskjöld, my attention was captivated by one of his sayings; “The longest and the most challenging journey of life is the journey within.”  Then, after being captivated by this saying, I asked myself; is it the reason why I should appreciate silence so as to fathom the deepest meaning of my existence?  Is silence speaks?

Nevertheless, I still have a lot of triggering questions in mind after I’ve read the saying of Hammarskjold. At first, I find it very difficult.  There’s an endless battle within me in which two options I should lay down my disposition; to be noisy all the time or to allow silence to penetrate my whole being?

So as not to regret after choosing between the two options, I dared to choose the best, and my choice surprised me because I chose silence without any hesitations. True enough, there’s something fruitful and meaningful in silence.  Words cannot define what it is; only experience can guarantee the significance and the meaning behind it.  At this point of time, I realized that silence is the presence of God.  It is in silence that God speaks into our hearts.  Silence is the language of God.  It is in silence that God talks to us, listens to our pleas, woundedness and shortcomings in life,

Indeed, Hammarskjöld is right.  Only silence could bring us into the journey within our life.  Yet I am also aware that to befriend with silence is the longest and the most challenging journey in life because we are not used to it.  In life, we are bombarded with so many noises around us.  We are easily preoccupied and disturbed by today’s worsening situations.  Moreover, this invites us to revisit and examine what silence could give to us.  It is in silence that we could clearly see the beauty of our existence, our life and our identity as children of God.  It is in silence that we realize we need God for He knows what’s within us.  Silence does not connote an absence of sound or noise; rather it is the presence and the resemblance of someone who’s knocking at the door of our hearts, i.e. God.  We should not be afraid of silence for Thomas Merton says, “Silence makes us whole if we let it.”

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