A Glimpse on my Vocation Story and the Book of Exodus

Upon reading and reflecting the Book of Exodus and allowing it to speak, I realized how YHWH was so concerned and compassionate to His people Israel.  In wilderness, difficulties and oppression, He didn’t abandon His people Israel.  YHWH liberated them from the onslaught of slavery out of love. His heart was moved with pity and compassion by their groans and cries, longing and hoping for an opportune time that they may be freed from slavery.  Out of His love for His people Israel, He called Moses.  He made him an instrument for the liberation of the Israelites from Egypt. He became a great historical figure in the History of Salvation despite the fact that he was just a simple and an insignificant person during his time.  He didn’t know how to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  He didn’t know how to speak.  He was afraid to go and talk to Pharaoh what YHWH had told him, but YHWH still trusted him, called him and sent him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  He didn’t abandon him for He stayed with him and made him great.

With this insight that I gained, I am challenged to contemplate upon my vocation story.  I admit, it was not my plan to enter religious life.  I wanted to become a Chemical Engineer and to study in UP together with my brother who took up Mechanical Engineering.  But, God has another plan in my life.  I can’t explain in my own words why God called me in religious life.  I don’t have the qualities that a religious should have.  I don’t know how to speak in public for I have a stage fright.  I am just an average person.  I am afraid of risking my whole life for the people of whom I am going to serve in the future.  But God, due to His unconditional love, made miracles in my life.  I cannot help but be awed on some graces that He granted me, which helped me to strive to become a better person and an effective religious.  In my great surprise, I just discovered that I have the capacity to be in touch with my humanity which I didn’t know that I can be capable of.  Sharing this capability to others and being sincere on what is within in me, I am surprised to know that I was able to help them and to touch their hearts.

Relating this experience to what I learned from the Book of Exodus, it seems that I experienced in my life the hand of God liberating me from the onslaught of belittling my capacity to respond with His call out of love.  Considering this, I realized that God is gracious.  I used to be too focused with myself.  My plans and decisions were all dependent within my own capabilities, which became a hindrance for me to seek God’s help and enlightenment into my life.  But, when God entered into my hopes and plans, everything changed.  I thought I was a failure for I was not able to fulfill my dreams in life, but it was God’s providential way to liberate me from this mentality.  Too late that I realized I was becoming a slave of my own ego.  But, thanks to God, He drove me out from this state.

The Book of Exodus has brought me a lot of lessons to be pondered in life.  Its insights made me recall my personal stories that made me say in the end, God saved me from the wilderness of life.  Truly, God never abandons His people because He loves them despite of their shortcomings and sinfulness.  Considering this, it is true enough that God loves me unconditionally despite the shortcomings and limitations that I have.  Words are not enough to explain how God is so gracious with me that even in trials and difficulties He never abandons me. He still says, “I will be with you; and this shall be your proof that it is I who have sent you.”  Truly, God loves me and He made me worthy in spite of the fact that I am a wounded and unworthy person for His call.

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