God’s Grace, Metanoia and The Book of Genesis

One of the learnings that I gained in reading and reflecting the Book of Genesis was how YHWH have been so generous and gracious to those whom He called.  It is right to assert that YHWH is a generous God, a cheerful giver and a gracious God for He really gives and provides if the person whom He called put his/her faith in Him and obey his commands.  From this minute insight that I gained after reading and reflecting the Old Testament, I am challenged to contemplate upon how the grace of God is working in my life and I consider it knowing the fact that His grace is really working into my life.  To be honest, I am not used to distinguishing how far the grace of God is still continuously working in me. I admit I am not yet fully open and disposed to His grace.  Until now, I am still struggling to open my heart and to be aware of the power of His grace.  I am still in the process of surrendering to His grace. This is the reason why I consider conversion or metanoia as a long and lifetime process for me.

Reading the Book of Genesis with full attention helped me to consider how God is so good to those whom He called despite the fact that they are the lowly ones, the less important and the undistinguishable for the proud ones.  See, how God made them great!  What was the secret of their greatness?  God’s grace. And how did they accept the power of the grace of God to penetrate their lives?  By humility and sincerity of heart.  Humility and sincerity of heart are the two significant realizations that I have gained after reading and reflecting the Book of Genesis.  I admit, I am not yet fully grown on these two realizations, so the grace of God finds so hard to penetrate into my heart.  I easily squander His grace because of pride.  I easily forget and neglect its importance into my life, which I recognize that I continuously receive it from Him, because of inattentiveness.  When pride and inattentiveness enters into my life, my heart becomes numb for the grace of God.  My heart is like a locked door and everytime the grace of God, which brings opportunities for metanoia, keep knocking on the door of my heart, my heart sometimes doesn’t mind for he is still busy of himself.

The Book of Genesis has brought me a lot of lessons in life.  Reflecting upon its message and thoughts made me in touch with my humanity.  I am also blessed that as I try my very best to allow the Book of Genesis to speak in me, true enough, the lessons about how the grace of God works in one’s life have touched my heart and have helped me to be in touch with my reality.  Actually, allowing this lesson to speak in my reality, I realized that there are a lot of things that I need to accept and to ponder upon.  Indeed, the lessons were challenging, yet good enough to start considering the fact that allowing the grace of God to penetrate into one’s heart makes a heart capable of conversion.  Thus, change of heart is like putting letter “D” in the Italian word “IO,” which means ego or one’s self, in order to make it “DIO,” which means God.  This principle invites me to live it because change doesn’t depend on me and on my own capacities. It depends on God, the “DIO”, and on how I combine the efforts that I exert in order to attain conversion in His grace.

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