Why “WIMPY”?


According to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, wimpy means weak or ineffectual person.  Now, you wonder, “Why write something about a wimpy”?

We have an everyday situation, a prevailing and constant dilemma of accepting our own weaknesses and shortcomings in life. We are all wimpy people, a fact that we refuse to admit to ourselves as much as possible. It is easier for us to boast on our achievements in life rather than our own shortcomings.  To boast one’s own shortcomings to others is stupidity, probably for some if not all.  We make our achievements in life our masks in order to hide our shortcomings and to appear strong or help boost our morale. It is a sad prevailing reality to see. Yet I don’t exclude myself from that reality. I am a wimpy person, I admit. Everytime I sit on a couch and reflect, I ask myself, “Why are people, including me, ashamed with their shortcomings in life?  Why is it so hard to be true about our shortcomings?  Keeping on reflecting and finding an answer for these questions, it led me to write this and share my personal struggles in accepting my own shortcomings in life. This entry does not hold the intention of degrading myself or anyone who is in the same situation as I am. This is a way for me to open up and share my life to others.  Another thing that motivated me to come up with this entry is to present a new perspective in contrast with the prevailing outlook that disregards the significance of considering our shortcomings as blessings in disguise.  Accepting that we are wounded beings in this world is never an easy task.  Who would boast about being wounded?  No one would. No one would even dare.

With years of struggling to accept the reality that I do have a lot of shortcomings in life, I realized the beauty and the importance of accepting them. It made me appreciate more who I am as a person. It helped me to eventually accept my flaws and accept the things I cannot change.  These are what drove me to share my story because I believe and I hope I may be able to help people or at least someone who until now are incapable of accepting who they are and their shortcomings in life.  I hope this painstaking work may encourage people to be in touch with their humanity.

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