My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 4)

Pen-and-PaperIt’s hard to be motivated in life without an inspiration.  Inspiration serves as our energizer in order to be fully recharged in taking up demanding tasks and commitments.  Each and every one of us needs it especially when we feel weak and drained.  Hence, life is hard to be appreciated without the presence of inspiration which adds color and harmony to it.  Speaking of inspiration, I cannot escape myself with this reality that I too am in need of inspiration especially now that I am an aspiring blogger.  It’s hard to blog an interesting topic for my readers and viewers if you’re not inspired.  If I am not inspired it also affects also my write-ups on my blog.  Based on my experience, a blog that has no inspiration as an ingredient is a boring and a tasteless blog.  So, the tendency is that people will not read it or simply they will just ignore it.  From this I realized that inspiration does a lot of miracles and surprises in life.  Though it is just temporary and limited into our daily struggles in life, it has a revitalizing and motivating factor that greatly affects the entirety of a person’s conviction and experience.  Hence, inspiration is so important in our lives because it encourages us to move on with a happy heart and a smile in our faces despite the emerging complexities, anxieties, and burdens of life.

In my experience as an aspiring blogger, it really takes a lot of inspiration in order to pursue a blogging career.  Actually, before I begin to do my write-ups for my blog I pray first to God in order to ask for inspiration and enlightenment.  Indeed, it is a consolation with my part as blogger that I offer to God first all my insights and ideas before I blog it because from this simple act I am able to perceive that God does not fail me to grant all the necessary inspirations and motivations that I need.  From this, I am feeling that I am relieved even though blogging is a laborious and demanding activity.  From the past nine years I recognize that blogging is not a matter of accumulating followers and viewers, and craving for “likers”; it’s a matter of the heart that is willing to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to move on with their lives.  To conclude this, there’s a lesson that I learned from blogging, i.e. when you are inspired it’s worth sharing.

True Love on the Cross of Christ

2014-04-17 23.17.16We cannot speak and understand true love without sacrifice.  Human as we are, we cannot understand this thing because we are afraid to sacrifice and to experience demands for the sake of love.  Eventually, we tend to avoid and let ourselves not be bothered by it.  But, this is what true love means.  True love is not about sugar-coated words, gifts, and romance; it’s all about sacrifice and dying to ourselves.  Hence, this is what the gospel for this Sunday presents to us, i.e. authentic love amidst suffering and pain.  The death of Christ on the cross does not show and speak to us the horror of His passion and death, rather it gives to us a manifestation and an example of love which does not cease, love as a consolation, and love as a fundamental principle of our sacrifices and pains in life.

Love does not cease to be what it is.  Today, postmodernism describes true love as a fad and as a first impression that seems to be ceasing.  Commercialization made it as a persuasive brand that incites and attracts people’s urges and excitements, but when it has been “raped” for so many times, their tendency is to get away from it not minding its real essence for one’s life.  So, from this scenario it depicts that love is just a mere appearance that immediately loses its importance when it does not anymore provokes the enthusiasm of man.  What makes it a bit problematic?  It shows that love is just an object of attraction, but not a value.  This is not true love in the eyes of Christ.  Love is not all about attraction and stimulation; it’s all about valuing its real importance into our lives.  Look at the example of Christ; He does the will of the Father by means of offering His life to the cross not for the sake of inciting more followers and showing-off, but for the sake of salvation and love to the people who are suffering from the pangs of sin.  For Christ, true love is unconditional.  So, love does not cease to be what it is because Christ has proven it through the cross which is construed as a symbol of shame during His time.

Love as a consolation.  We should not forget that it is because of the cross that we have been consoled.  Without the cross of Christ, we will never to understand what it means to be consoled and to be a consolation for others.  The cross of Christ is not all about bragging, but is all about accepting its invitation to be a living ember of love for others.  Consolation coming from the cross of Christ is not an object of hiding, but it’s a gift that we need to share for those who are deprived by hate and rejection.  By the holy cross of Christ He redeemed the world.  Of all the consolations that we received in this life, the greatest consolation of these is that comes from the love of Christ that sanctifies and forgives.

Love as a fundamental principle of our sacrifices and pains in life.  Sometimes we asked ourselves; why do we need to experience pain and suffering into our lives?  Why do we need to sacrifice for the sake of a greater purpose in life?  It is because true love is not cheap.  We experience suffering and pain simply because we love.  We need to sacrifice for the sake of a greater purpose in life because of love.  Love is not a noun to be defined but a verb to be acted upon, and that’s what it means of love as a fundamental principle for all of our sacrifices, sufferings, and pains that we experience in life.  We will not be able to understand the fruit of Christ’s resurrection as love unless we welcome into our lives the significance of His passion and death.  Let us remember that the sufferings, pains, and sacrifices we experience in life are our participation to Christ’s paschal mystery.  Let us not be afraid when we experience sufferings, sacrifices, and pain because it grants us an assurance to understand true love from the bottom of our hearts.  In every sacrifices, sufferings, and pains we endured, it manifests that love is not all about exhortations, but it is all about actuation.

Self-emptied Relationship

hands-of-lightOne of the greatest challenges as we involve ourselves into a relationship is to empty ourselves.  It’s hard to commit ourselves in a relationship when we are full of ourselves.  So, the sole requirement in order for us to safeguard and to stay long in our relationship with others is self-emptiness.  But, self-emptiness is not an easy work.  It takes time and effort in order that we may be able to attain it.  It also tests our patience, endurance, and perseverance as we deal on it and abide on its significance.  So, we tend to avoid ourselves from the demands, and we end up disparate and unfulfilled as we expose ourselves in the realm of relationship with sense of self-emptiness ends up in trouble, and worst in unexpected separations.

As we abide ourselves in the circle of relationship let us not forget that self-emptiness has an important role for its betterment.  Authentic relationship begins when every person knows how to open his heart and welcome others without any hesitations and doubts.  When these things are being manifested in our lives, it is easy for us to say that life is beautiful when every relationship is not being subjected to complexities, confusions, and decays.  And so, we should not underestimate the importance of self-emptiness as a requirement for the betterment of every relationship that we encounter in life.  Self-emptiness is like removing our unnecessary baggages into our hearts and we remain the necessary ones which we could also use for the strengthening of the foundation of every relationship that we face as we journey towards the path of happiness and fulfillment.  Self-emptiness is not just a matter of conviction; it is also a matter of the heart that seeks transformation and revitalization.

It’s an undeniable fact that self-emptiness is not an easy work as it pertains to the mastery of ourselves.  It demands change, consistency, and even sacrifices so that we may be able to abide on its invitation.  From this point, I realized that relationship is not just an attribute of a person in order to validate his/her nature as a social being, but it is also a profound aspect for man’s life.  We cannot attain the fullness of our personhood unless we let ourselves to be rooted on authentic relationship by means of self-emptiness.  We are born to be related with one another because according to a great maxim No man is an island.  But our capacity to relate with one another would only be realized if and only if we consider the beauty and essence of self-emptiness that caters the authenticity of every relationship into our lives.  We will not be able to see the essential factor of our capacity as social beings unless we master ourselves by means of self-emptiness.

The Search for Inner Silence

solitary yogi on mountThere are a lot of noises in this world that breaks always the inner silence of our hearts.  It is really pleasing and entertaining as we allow it to go inside of our sanity, but as we allow it to meddle into our lives it distracts us and worst it also kills us softly.  It’s so hard to keep ourselves away from the noises of the world nowadays.  It seems that we cannot live the standards of the world without it.  Inner silence is being underestimated by the raging significance and popularity of noise in every facet of today’s lifestyle.  Because of this, real reasons for living and the most important things in life are now hard to be heard and listened.  They seemed to lose their real values and are gradually terminating.  Different voices coming from the different ideologies and principles of today’s generation are now the emerging “superpower” which degrades the previous.  So today, complexities in the different vantage points of life are becoming the occurring disease of this generation.  When inner silence is being undervalued, the scorching noises in sheep’s clothing are becoming the emerging patron for living.

As I reflect upon the phenomenon of noise in man’s life, I was captivated by the insight of Deepak Chopra which speaks about the importance of inner silence.  According to him; Inner silence promotes clarity of mind; it make us value the inner world; it trains us to go inside to the source of peace and inspiration when we faced with problems and challenges.  Indeed, he is right.  Inner silence will make us aware who we are and what is the real purpose of our existence here on earth.  Only in inner silence that will makes us able to recognize the significance of inner peace in our hearts and minds.  Today, we are in a dilemma in validating the role of inner silence into our lives.  We cannot deny the fact that we are being succumbed and controlled by the many noises which are pleasing, yet distracting.  We are also afraid to say “Shut up” or “Back off” in every noises that we encounter into our lives because it is the emerging language of today’s generation compare to inner silence which is labeled by this generation as “churchy” and “a convent thing”.  From this emerging fact, I learned that as the world continue to patronize the noise of the times; more people are being left behind about the important aspect of inner silence in living a better life.  Actually, inner silence is not just “a convent thing” or “churchy”, but it is also a fact of life.  It’s hard to live life in the fullest without the essence of inner silence.  Eastern philosophers would testify that the fullness of life begins when silence has been prioritized and patronized.  Why we should be afraid on inner silence if it brings harmony, serenity, and peace into our hearts and minds?  Why we tend to avoid it if it heals our brokenness inside?  Sometimes we tend to ignore and underestimate those things that we think are not valuable and not in the fad but as time goes by we realized that it has a great relevant and worth into our lives.  So, we end up anxious.

From this I realized what is insignificant in the logic of the world is significant in the eyes of the Beholder.  It’s like the nature of inner silence; insignificant for those who want complications, but significant for those who search meanings in their lives.  The phenomenon of inner silence has to be embraced.  It knows how to value our lives and our existence here on earth.  Insignificant and small it may be, but it brings light for those who are in darkness.  Today, we cannot deny the fact that we are being blinded by the noise around us.  Let us be assured on this assertion; once we let ourselves be indulged with the promptings of inner silence despite the fact that noise is the emerging fad of this generation, there will be no doubt of living a life with peace, stillness, and tranquility because all of this start from the wisdom of inner silence.                        

A Mystery called LOVE

love-2When you’re in love it’s indescribable.  Words are insufficient in order to explain the love that beats into our hearts.  As I ponder upon the mystery of love, I asked myself; “can this be love I am feeling right now?”  If this is love that I am feeling right now, why it’s so hard to say “I love you”?  Upon reflecting on these questions that keeps no bothering me, I realized that love is so immense on its meaning which even our words and perception falter to describe it totally.  It is undeniable that love moves in mysterious ways.  We cannot really fathom its real nature and essence when it pervades our hearts.

Love is immeasurable.  It can neither be coerced nor controlled.  It is like a gentle breeze that soothes the fragility of our hearts.  Its significance helps us to see the purpose of our existence here on earth, i.e. to love and be loved.  It is not just a feeling in itself, but it is also a reason, a principle, an insight, an aspect, and a concept which fosters and foretells only one thing in our lives, i.e. God.  God is love, and that’s why we are capable of loving.  There’s no room for hate in God’s heart, because even though in the eyes of the world we are unlovable, but for God we are precious and unique from the deepest recesses of His heart.

If love is a God-given gift imprinted into our hearts, why is there too much hatred in this world?  Why pain is inevitable when we do our best to love sincerely and wholeheartedly?  These questions remind me of something that I also need to consider in life, i.e. the significance of hate and pain in the realm of true love.  We cannot value the essence of love into our lives unless we accept hate and pain as a challenge.  It is only in hate and pain that we are able to recognize love as an important ingredient in yearning for a better life.  Relating these to my personal experiences, the sting of hate and pain are really an inescapable reality.  I was greatly hated by some people around me including my former friends because I am not on their level.  I experienced and suffered intense pains in loving a person who just ignored the efforts that I exerted in order to show to her that my love is true and sincere.  Doing our best to love honestly and sincerely is really tragic and disappointing, but that’s what love is all about.  We cannot love deep within our hearts unless we struggle for the sake of true love.  True love builds on sacrifice.  No matter how many times we are being hated by the people around us and how many times we endure the pains that struck our hearts intensely, we should never stop loving.  Love is our motivation to see the face of God into our lives despite the fact that we are broken inside.  It is our greatest consolation whenever we are not at ease with ourselves. 

As time goes by, these are the words that keeps on popping into my mind; “Never stop loving!  Never stop loving!”  Yes, I should not stop loving.  It is in loving I realize that the best remedy for a trembling heart is love.  Love casts out fear.  Love makes difference.  Despite the fact that to love means to struggle, we should not stop to proclaim into the world, which is full if hate, that love knows what is best for us.  Indeed, love will never stop loving until the end of time.  Only in love that the significance of our existence here on earth can be determined and fully known.

On True Peace

10372298_877491715600974_2749421089349832227_nI have a dream that one day I may be able to hear in the news and to read an article in the newspaper that our world is a better place to live not because of its wonderful and magnificent natures and tourists pots but because of love and oneness of the people.  It’s so nice to see people are united, forgiving one another, respecting each other, and loving one another despite the differences of race, color, religion, character, attitudes, and beliefs.  If these are happening in this world, for sure there will be no more threats, hates, violence, war, persecution, and exploitations, and there will be no more doubts and hesitations as we consider our world that would grant us security, protection, and peace.  This is my dream and my hope for our world of today which is now suffering and being bombarded by the different faces of evils and malice.

Why I was able to rethink, resay, and rewrite this topic again which since from the beginning of my blogging career I already blog this impossible dream of mine?  It is because the gospel for today grants us a model of a community bounded in love, forgiveness, humility, and prayer.  The gospel is divided into two scenarios; first, the significance of correction and forgiveness rooted in love within the community, and second, the role of prayer as the essential factor and the firm foundation for the unification of persons within the community.  As I reflect upon the gospel for today, I was spellbound by this insight that immediately came into my mind; “True peace that the world of today longs for is attainable if and only if people of this generation value the role of humble correction and genuine forgiveness that is deeply rooted in love and compassion.”  Indeed, humble correction and genuine forgiveness are the two important elements that is lacking in this world that is struggling to attain true peace.  An old maxim said, “We cannot attain true peace unless we welcome and abide into our hearts first the essence of inner peace.”  How may we be able to attain and to abide the essence of inner peace into our hearts?  The gospel of today provides us a concrete manifestation; the essence of inner peace is possible for one’s heart if and only if we let the spark of humble correction and authentic forgiveness penetrates our hearts.  They are like embers that which brings a great effect once if it is given a great importance and awareness.  So, it is easy for the world to safe guard true peace if every community in the world binds together by the help of humble correction and authentic forgiveness that is deeply rooted in love and compassion.

Reflecting upon the second scenario in the gospel, I remember the famous quotation of the Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton CSC; the family that prays together stays together.  This validates the fact that prayer is not just a mere bubbling of words, but it also makes people united as one family and as one community aiming with the same purpose, i.e. to promote love, peace, and harmony here on earth.  It also binds people despite the diversity of race, character, color, beliefs, religion, and tradition.  So it means to say the real essence of true peace is within the significance of prayer as a binding force that validates Jesus assertion; for where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.  For me, prayer is what the world needs today.  No matter how different the way people pray nowadays it should not defeat the purpose of it, i.e. to make people gather as one family and community who know to share, to forgive, and to love those who are greatly in need of it. 

It is so nice to say “What a wonderful world!” when this is happening and being realized.  But, to be honest, the world is still struggling to stand up on true peace despite the fact that she is enduring the lashes and blows of evil.  It’s a reality that we need to accept, but a means for us not to ignore the two important aspects of peace, i.e. forgiveness that is rooted in love, compassion and prayer.  If these two aspects of peace is given an importance and awareness, for sure true peace is not anymore be a theory or an ideology, but a possibility.  But, these things will never be recognize unless we start applying these two aspects of peace into ourselves.  The triumph of true peace into our world depends on our hands and our hearts.  So, abide on it but don’t ignore it.    


The “F” Mark

6863_20121029_151028_317164_431304490252300_2054039335_n[1] (1)Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.-Confucius

Each of us doesn’t want to receive the “F” mark in our lives.  This drives us to be mindful on what we are struggling and persevering for in life.  We see to it that everything we do and follow is according to its standards, so that we may be able to avoid conflicts, disappointments, and embarrassments later on.  Simply put, we are afraid of failures.

Since when I was a child I see to it that everything is under control in order to avoid the “F” mark.  I really exerted an effort so that everything that I do is always on the right track.  Until now I am applying the same mindset when I am given a task, but there’s a certain reality that I need to consider, i.e. when we are doing our best along the way, failures are unavoidable no matter how great our effort to free ourselves from it.

We really hate to fail.  We really want that everything we do or we encounter in life runs smoothly and according to its proper disposition.  But, as we go on in life we cannot escape and avoid the reality of failures.  To receive an “F” mark is not a sufficient reason for us to be discouraged to continue to do the best that we could.  It is not an indicator for us to lose hope; rather it reminds us that as we do things perfectly, we should not forget that we are also fragile and prone to commit mistakes and shortcomings.  I have committed a lot of failures in life.  It came also into the point of my life that I became hopeless and restless.  I cried for so many times because it was so hard for me to accept failures when in fact I really exerted my best effort to such a thing that is so important for me.  I thought it was the end of everything, but to my surprise, it brought a new wisdom into my life. 

images (1)From that experience I realized that I should not be afraid of failures.  Failures are really hard to accept, but they really help us when we try to welcome them into our lives.  Failures make us humble.  It also helps us to really see who we are and what our brokenness inside.  Through failures, I am able to appreciate my own uniqueness and also my weaknesses.  I am so lucky that there are failures which constantly remind us of our being limited, yet unique in the eyes of the Beholder.

It doesn’t matter how many failures we encounter in life.  It doesn’t count also the effects of it in our lives.  What matters most is as we encounter failures in life, we are being strengthened by it and we are being motivated by it to love and to accept our brokenness inside.  Though we are not perfect in everything, perfection is possible if and only if we befriend our failures in life.