In the Name of Religion

ISIS-truck-convoy-Anbar-ProvinceWhere’s Love in our world today?  As we can see our world today is suffering from violence and persecution.  As what is happening now at Iraq it does not only breaks my heart, but it also gave an impression that the onslaught of violence around the globe is now becoming a worst scenario.  Now, it is already possible for a human person to treat his/her neighbors like pigs.  Even innocent people like children are now becoming victims of unthinkable violence driven by inhuman ideologies and principles.  Is too much violence a solution for the betterment of a nation?  Is persecution a profound mean and a justifiable end in order for a society to attain tolerance and stability?

The commandment “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF” coming from the Divine, seemingly losing its essence and ardor now.  I think every religion around the world has this commandment although explained in different ways, but why there is too much violence and persecution that occurs in every religion?  Why religion despises and persecutes other religions?  Why religions sometimes allow herself to be driven by unjust political propagandas?  The violence and persecution of Christian minorities and other religious minorities in Iraq is one of the many examples of too much hatred and anger reigning in the world.  As I update myself about the situation in Iraq by browsing the newspaper, surfing the internet, and watching the late news, I cannot by cry and be sad about this worse situation of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters and other religious minorities suffering from hunger, thirst, and intense persecution in Iraq.  It’s unthinkable to see Muslim extremist and fundamentalist persecuting the other minorities by means of beheading their innocent children, raping and killing women especially their mothers and daughters, and hanging to death all the men especially the fathers.  Yes, according to the Quran they are infidels, but is it just to treat them like pigs?  Is it lawful for the eyes of Allah to massacre them all?  Why kill in the name of religion?  I can’t imagine what’s happening in our world today.  It seems that the wolves are getting numerous than the lambs.  In order to attain prosperity, to be a furious wolf to your fellow brother or sister is being favored than the law of love.  Where’s love now?  What’s wrong in our world today?  Is this the will of the Divine?

Despite these unacceptable and unthinkable events that are happening in our world today, I believe there’s still hope.  I believe the sun that brings peace and new beginning will rise soon in Iraq which is torn with too much violence, bloodshed, and persecution.  I believe the Good will still remain victor in spite of the many evils that is happening in the world especially in Iraq.  One day I am very sure that the Law of Love will still stand despite the many evils that are trying to pull her down.  After all these evils that is happening in our world today, what will still stay and remain is The Law of Love that will spread hope to those who are restless and hopeless and heal the world from too much violence, bloodshed, and persecution.     

The Value of Sacrifice

e555ebf28b566f5df66d860085740a25Sacrifice is one of the values in life that we hate most.  We hate sacrifice, because we are afraid of its consequences.  When sacrifice demands something into our lives, we tend to avoid it or we simply ignore it.  Sometimes, we complain about it, simply because we don’t like to be bothered by it especially when we are already settled and stabled.  That’s why we hide ourselves when sacrifice invites us to partake in its great opportunities.

Why do we need to sacrifice?  What makes it significant and valuable in life?  Reflecting upon all the experiences that I undergone which is related to sacrifice, this is what I learned; we will never know the real meaning and essence of our existence here in this world unless we value the wisdom of sacrifice.  Sacrifice is a one of our ways and means in order to achieve our goals and aspirations in life.  It is also an expression of true love, because true love builds with real sacrifice.  It will never know its real meaning unless we consider the value of sacrifice as a significant factor for our existence.  Sacrifice begins in pain and we should never be afraid, because when there’s pain, there’s gain, and when there’s suffering, there’s fulfillment and trust.

Gary-Thomas-quote-on-SacrificeSacrifice bleeds, but it truly heals.  It may be discouraging at the beginning, but as time goes by, you will see and feel that it really gives a real meaning.  Why should we be afraid of including sacrifice into our lives if it brings real joy and happiness in the end?  Why should we avoid it if it gives us an assurance of real success and contentment?  Nothing in this world is achieved in an instant way, everything begins with sacrifice.  Greatness and excellence is achievable and possible if and only if we consider a single sacrifice as fully packed as it is.  So, it’s hard for us to fully ignore the reality of sacrifice into our lives because every experience that we encounter with our lives is also patterned in every sacrifice that we also experience in life.  So, why should we be afraid of it if it is important and needed for the betterment of our lives?     

A Love that “Conquers” Jesus’ Heart

Drouais-Jesus-Heals-Canaanite-Woman“O woman, great is your faith”

Speaking of our faith with the Lord we cannot deny the fact that it’s like we are engaging ourselves always in a game called “wrestling”.  I, myself could testify that Faith is not cheap, but it must be tested and challenge for us to be strong.  Just like Jesus did to the Canaanite woman’s faith; His intention was not to made her desperate and hopeless with her request for Him to heal her daughter, but He was just like to test whether her faith was real and honest.  Indeed, Jesus was able to prove how great the Canaanite woman’s faith, but His expectation was filled with overwhelming awe on how the Canaanite woman expressed her faith splendidly.  Even though her faith had been put into many instances of discouragement, still she did not stop insisting Jesus to heal her daughter.  Her love for her daughter “conquers” Jesus despite the fact that her faith was challenge even if its cause is for her self-respect.

When we loved our faith and offer ourselves and live for it, it will always “conquers” the compassionate Heart of God.  Our relationship with God will not always be forever as a romantic relationship, sometimes we also need to pass into a needle’s eye and to experience being tossed by storms and waves of challenges and difficulties.  But, although our relationship with Him is sometimes may too rough, always remember, just don’t stop believing and loving Him with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our strength.  My experiences would tell me that it’s really challenging to build up a real, sincere, and authentic relationship with the Lord.  I, too experiences also a lot of discouragement and hopelessness which leads me to say “I give up”, but I never gave up.  I kept on believing and loving Him sincerely despite the many hardships that I encountered.  I realized that the more I trust and believe Him sincerely and persistently, the more it deepens my relationship with Him.  Though sometimes our relationship with Him is too discouraging, don’t quit!  Always be persistent, diligent, and patient in believing and loving Him and for sure He will never betray and leave you until the end.     

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 1)

10526142_10202759897735632_861725259700457231_nSomeone asked me this question: “Why are you wasting your time blogging and writing knowing the fact that you’re not even gaining a profit from it?”  I stopped writing, I look into his eyes and answer him; “I am not writing and blogging for the sake of profit, I just want to reach my dream to become a motivational writer someday that would inspire people to continue moving on with their lives despite the trials and difficulties that they are experiencing.  From this simple activity, I would also like to inspire people to reach their dreams no matter how difficult their journey, and also I would like that people may be aware that the path for change and conversion is still possible until now based on my experiences.”

I started this blog way back 2009. I did not expect that I will gain any profit with this blog.  I just want to inspire people by my blogs without any cost in return.  Unfortunately, some of my friends are discouraging me to blog because it’s just a waste of time and energy, but I did not give up blogging my insights and experiences.  Although it is difficult for me to be consistent in blogging, I still did not stop.  I still continued in spite of its hardships and demands because I believed that I am doing this not for my own benefit, but for the benefit of those people who are longing for answers and encouragements with their lives.

The one that I long as a blogger whose want is to inspire people is that I want to make my blog in WordPress as my personal blog or as my own webpage.  This is my only dream for myself as I am already blogging already for six years.  I don’t have any sufficient funding for my blog, because I just only receive an allowance sufficient enough for my personal needs.  I don’t have any efficient laptops like iPad, tablets, or smartphones that will make my blogging more consistent.  All that I have is an old Steno notebook, a pen, and an old desktop computer which I consider as my only “precious things” as a blogger.  To be honest, I long for an opportunity in blogging that will give me just a little amount of profit for sustaining my blog, but until now I didn’t find any.  Even though I have this impossible and unreachable dream as a blogger, I did not stop blogging my insights and experiences. 

Blogging is my passion and it is my way of expressing my insights and experiences that hopefully will give inspiration and motivation for my readers.  Despite the fact that for others blogging is just a waste of time and energy, but for me it’s a blessing because it serves and caters me as a means to see myself and my struggles in life as I put it into writing and blogging.  As a blogger, I will continue what I have started even though I am not gaining something.  I believe, what I am doing is a noble thing which also contributes something to people’s lives and for those who are searching for meanings and reasons of their existence here on earth.     

Small Beginnings

TAOLife-Big-things-often-have-small-beginningsI always believed that there’s wisdom in small beginnings, and great things will never happen unless we start considering the significant role of small beginnings for it to be achieved.  But, the reality seems to be showing a different description and image about small beginnings in life, and its characteristic would testify that it is easy to be ignored by many of us.

As I was browsing the Bible, I found out and was struck by one of my favorite passages in the gospel of Matthew which states; “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.  It is really true that small things counts when we speak of achieving greatness and success in life.  Success and greatness will never be an impossible thing if we consider in life our small beginnings, but we may be able to consider our small beginnings in life if and only if we deeply rooted it with faith.  Faith suffices the real role of our small beginnings in life.  Even if our small beginnings may not that appealing in the understanding and logic of the world, but if it has faith within it then it’s already a big deal for us.

We should not be afraid of being proud with our small and humble beginnings in life.  No matter how small it is, do not worry because once you put your trust and you believe in it nothing will be impossible for you to achieve success with your dreams and greatness into your life.   

Let Her Go/Let It Go

tumblr_mijo3r0DqJ1ryy5rdo1_1280I was in love with someone before.  Whenever I see her face or we meet each other, it really completes my day.  I really don’t know why I am so in love with her despite the fact that I am aspiring for religious life.  Because of her, everything has changed in my life.  She taught me how to love truly and sincerely, helped me to see things in the perspective of love, and, the most wonderful thing that I learned from her was her smile.  She also taught me not to forget how to smile deep within my heart whenever problems and difficulties in my life arise.  She’s a wonderful girl for me because she helped me a lot.  She’s an inspiration for me, that is why I began to write a blog again, but, there’s this painful truth that I need to consider, i.e. we are not meant for each other.

To be attracted or in love with somebody is not bad, but for me who is aspiring for religious life is improper.  I cannot deny the fact that I have this tendency to fall in love with someone, because I am human too despite the fact that I am aspiring to offer my whole life to God.  To be honest, it is really hard for me to let go of someone who taught me on how to be true to myself and who changed everything in my life, but I need to accept the fact that letting her go in my mind and heart is the real expression of my true love for her.  It’s painful but I need to do it for the sake of a greater purpose in life.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta is right in saying these words; “Love until it hurts, and love until it hurts no more.”  It is the same thing with letting go and giving up of someone whom you love most.  It’s really painful for me to let her go, but after letting her go in my heart and mind, this struggle towards moving on was not that so easy.  The memories we had continue to bother me especially when I am down, sad, and alone.  But, after all these things I realized that I really need to put her out of my sanity in order to start all over again.  It may be hurting me and also the most tragic situation that I have but I need to. I am crying deep within me the song “Let Her Go” by Passenger, soothed into my ears saying; “Only know you love her when you let her go.”  I think, the message of the song is correct, the greatest and the best thing that I can show and offer to her as a sign of my true love is to let her go.  Indeed, true love is letting go even though it will make me bleed, but I know that it will still heal.  My feelings for her are not totally gone, but in order for my mind and heart to be re-focused, I am always including her with my prayers.  I really believe that prayer is already sufficient enough to express my true love for her.  Yes, we are not meant for each other, but to express my true love for her by prayer and letting her go is already enough for me and what matters most is for me to move on with joy and happiness in my heart.

On Doubt and Trust

Simon_Peter“O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” 

As I continue to aspire for religious life, there are times that I am so affected and terrified by the great storms and waves of life.  Experiencing great storms and waves made me think and led me to the point of doubting the presence of God in my life.  It seems that he is absent whenever pain and confusion bothers me a lot which is caused by the torments of problems and difficulties of life.  It is really a reality that overcast my focus and attention with God’s grace which is the sole reason why I doubted His grace several times.  Sometimes, I always asked this question in my mind most especially whenever I am in great difficulty.  These are my questions: “Where’s God when I am down and my life is in weary?  Why God allowed these difficulties into my life which is so hard to take?  Why do I need to suffer out of nothing?”

While reading and reflecting the gospel for this Sunday, it changed my perspective about God.  In every great storms and waves of life God does not abandon us if and only if we believe that He is with us.  It really made me realize that is what lacks in me.  I am easily threatened by some turbulent waves that bring havoc and inconvenience in my journey.  With this, my capacity to believe that God is above my trials and difficulties in life and to desire to follow more closely quenches.  So, instead of putting all my trust in His grace and mercy wholeheartedly, I already started to doubt Him.  As I am being succumbed by my doubts, sometimes it tends me to say into myself that life is unfair because God does not care while I am experiencing a lot of pain.  But, as I encounter the gospel for this Sunday, I realized that the problem is not in God, but it is with me.  Whenever problems and difficulties arises into my life I immediately react with fear and anxiety instead of being silent first and allow God to take control into it.

From this, the gospel for this Sunday is inviting me to take courage and not to be afraid.  It gives me an assurance that God is always present and He is willing to take control of everything despite the inevitableness of problems and difficulties of life.  I should not worry because God will always take care of everything.  All I need to do is just to move on and to trust in Him.  In spite of the hardships of life, I just became aware of this that God will never stop helping me and guiding me towards my aspirations in life whatever may happen.